I Planted Tea!

Hi everyone! Are you enjoying this little increase in temperatures over the past few days? I know I am. Gaining an extra hour of sunlight was especially exciting for me. I know that my young tea garden will enjoy a little more sun as well.

Can you believe it? I planted tea! It was a wonderful experience and wish I had made this post earlier. It wasn’t hard to do at all and I feel pretty confident that germination could be sooner than I was told.

Here’s how I did it!

I started by using the recommended soil which is a mixture of regular soil and sand/cardboard shavings. This allows for breathing and the water to easily get through to the seeds. This soil is actually used when planting a cactus. I thought that was pretty interesting that you would use the same soil for planting cacti as you would for tea. I filled up the bottom half of the mini solo cups with the soil. I am using these cups as a start until the tea seed germinates. Once that happens I will replant them into a bigger pot. However, for now this is where they will remain.

Fill with dirt, not quite half way

Once you do that for all your cups then you place the seed in the middle of the dirt.

Place in the middle, don't push the seed down

Then fill the rest of the cup up with the dirt. Don’t pack it down. It needs room to breathe and get water!

Make sure not to pack the soil down

Next water! All living humans, plants, and animals need H2O! I gave the cups a pretty hefty drink for their first time. I wanted to make sure that the water reached the seeds. You should water the seeds frequently however, not too much as you don’t want to drown the seeds. A nice aspect about tea plants is its resistance to drought. So if you forget to water for a little bit, not to worry. These plants are troopers.

Water = Good


All done!

Now all there is to do is play the waiting game. However, I am a pretty impatient person, so in addition to planting seeds, I am looking into buying a baby tea plant and growing it until it is ready to be harvested. This way I can still provide updates on growing tea even if my seeds decided to take their sweet time germinating.

I hope everyone had a great weekend, and will continue with a nice stress free week. However, if stress can’t be avoided, drink a cup of tea!


About katherinemcgrath

I am a senior marketing student at Champlain College. I am a tea enthusiast and cannot wait to share my knowledge about tea and learn from others as well.
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