Iced Tea

It’s that time of year again! It’s starting to get warmer, the snow is melting, and jackets are starting to find themselves being left at home. Summer is on its way! So for those of you (like myself) who do not enjoy drinking hot beverages in the hot weather, there is always an alternative…Iced tea!

Still to this day, my mom tells the story of when I was in middle school: I had a friend over and my mom made us lunch. She offered us some iced tea to go with our sandwiches. Of course I yelled, “YEAH!” and my friend decided she wanted some too. So my mom went over, poured some iced tea and gave it to us. I took a sip and said “Yum!” my friend took a sip and spit it back out.

This is the iced tea maker that my mom uses!

In retrospect iced tea isn’t a favorite for middle schoolers, but the recipe that my mom made, in mass quantities, was simple and was so good! All you have to do is:

  1. Take your favorite bagged tea (double the dosage of what you would use for hot tea)
  2. Brew for 3-5 minutes
  3. Pour over ice
  4. Add Lemon or mint leaves

Voila! Easy and delicious. If you like flavored tea: my personal favorite is Orange Spice Lipton Tea.

I did some research on different ways people make iced tea before I wrote this post. While looking I found this great website Teavana. They provided a informative way of making iced tea with loose leaf tea leaves. One really interesting tip I learned on this site was for those who prefer sweetened tea. Don’t add white sugar after you brew the iced tea, but use rock sugar during the time you are steeping the hot tea.

Now that I have my own loose tea brewer I plan on making my own iced tea this summer! I hope folks are having a good week, and let’s hope for warmer weather!


About katherinemcgrath

I am a senior marketing student at Champlain College. I am a tea enthusiast and cannot wait to share my knowledge about tea and learn from others as well.
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