Tea Time Lives On!

I cannot believe that this semester is practically over. These past few months have really flown by and I have learned so much! I would consider this semester a success for me because not only is it my last one at Champlain College, but I learned a lot about myself, marketing, branding and of course tea. Working on this blog has furthered my passion for tea and makes me really excited to see that I have people who are read my blog.

Before we even started this project, we were assigned to read a book called Crush it by Gary Vaynerchuk. It taught us to identify our passion and then how to crush it. This book provided the basis for my personal branding project and I’m really glad that I read it.

Once I established that I wanted to write and learn more about tea—by brain wouldn’t stop. I had so many ideas it was hard to actually filter them out in some sort of organized manner. I made a mind map of how I wanted to tackle this project and that was my “timeline” if you will.

MindMap for Katherine's Tea Pot

It has been about 4 months since I made that map, and from the looks it, I didn’t accomplish as much as I had wanted to. Last semester of senior year can be a tad hectic but, I did start to get my brand out there.

I wanted my blog to be a learning journey not only for me, but for my readers too. I love tea, but that doesn’t make me an expert. However, visiting those who are experts and trying to get the most out of my research was a lot of fun. Today tea isn’t exactly a rare item, but the history and information about tea seems endless.

Since Katherine’s Tea Pot is my first blog, it was definitely a work in progress and a big learning adventure. From the get go I knew that I wanted my blog to be fun to read. I am an easy going person and I wanted those who read my blog to read it as if I was just talking to them. I wanted to make it personal and try to engage my viewers. As time when on, comments made me so excited when I would get one, and I’d always comment back. I was extremely grateful to those who took the time to read what I had to say.

As I got going I started out with only a few readers. I implemented some marketing via my social media outlets like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn and I also tried some word of mouth when the topic of tea came up. (Oddly it came up a lot more than I realized). I also made a customized bit.ly link http://bit.ly/kteapot to help with limited character postings. My stats for the first month weren’t exactly stellar, but got better as I generated some content. Here is a bar graph measuring the number of views to date for months and weeks.

Wordpress viewers by month

Wordpress viewers per week (Week 4 - Week 16)

So far, 3 people have subscribed to my blog and I have gotten almost one comment per post. Granted some of those who left comments were people I knew, but for those I didn’t, made them all that much more special.

Yay for subscribers to my blog

Crushing it takes time and passion, and as I exit the college life and enter the “real world” I have plans to continue with my blog. I still have much more to learn and to share with the tea community.

I hope this post finds you well and I look forward to writing more posts for you. A big thank you to everyone who referred my blog over this past semester, you guys are the best!

Bit.ly stats for refers

Wordpress stats for refers

I also made a banner change to incorporate myself and the title of my blog! Hope you like it!


About katherinemcgrath

I am a senior marketing student at Champlain College. I am a tea enthusiast and cannot wait to share my knowledge about tea and learn from others as well.
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One Response to Tea Time Lives On!

  1. Noah Mass says:

    Love your blog! As a major tea fan, I found yours… um, refreshing to see! And I liked your blog mindmap, too; I use Novamind to map the lessons for the writing and literature classes that I teach, as well as to map out my own work. Keep doing the blog–it’s tasty and warm (like tea).

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