I’m growing tea!

Over the course of this semester I will try my best to grow my own tea! I will keep bi-weekly updates on how the plants are going and eventually how my own tea tasted!

February 1, 2011

Hey everyone! As of today I just purchased my seeds to start growing my own tea. After a little research I found out that it could take a really long time before I get to taste my own tea, but it’s a challenge that I am willing to take on. I purchased just a standard type of tea for this experiement via Whatcom Seed Company . Did you know that the scientific name for tea is Camellia sinensis. Pretty cool stuff! I can’t wait to get my seeds and start the growing process!

Have a great day! Those in BTV get ready for this super snow storm!

February 14, 2011

I received my tea seeds in the mail today!!!! YAHOO!! I’m really excited to get started on this endeavor. I’ll be going to a Gardner supply store within this week and gather up all the materials that I need to properly grow some tea.


One Response to I’m growing tea!

  1. Cool! I’ve long talked about growing my own tea. I wasn’t sure how to start or how well it would grow indoors. I’ll be curious to know how your attempt works!

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